Vengeance or Torpescence?

Date: 8/6/2013 at 0:07
From: Wyrm Chieftain Starra, the Unbreakable
To : Everyone
Subj: Vengeance or Torpescence?


It is rare I find myself within the banter and ignorance that is often posted in the Public newsboards however I must make it known that this sect of Vengeance is absolutely dull and filled with cowardice and lack of interest of even defending their own beliefs.

A few weeks ago the loud mouth that is the Order head of Vengeance randomly decided to speak unto me harshly while expecting me to stand idly by while he threw insults and I yawned in waiting for him to dare face me. He then decided to enemy to his pathetic cult that hardly honors the Howler in any sense save for Onar claiming to his sect that he is 'the body of Ka-Hooli' and lacks a soul, further laughable that he has no possessions yet possessively protects what little he has.

I speak unto you all now to save you the time in participating in his shallow hunt, an excuse for laziness to hide away, for a mere bit of credits and gold. Vengeance is a joke and he is bribing the Triagia to work for him. I shred a shrine North of the Teeth and who showed face to defend it? Not Onar, not Avye. None. Why waste energy on a self-sacrificing, indignant cult that has done nothing to prove themselves to those they seek to help, not even to save themselves.

I will offer them the chance to seek a new purpose that makes sense, personally, and see their end should they wish to fight me. Such is the nature of Vengeance, big mouth. And oh, does it feel so good. Even the little human Kor would be ashamed that those who speak the loudest of Ka-Hooli fail to seek retribution themselves. You're all a disgrace to the Howler.

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Natinica, in the year 49.