Cowards abound - Heed the call of the Darkness

Date: 8/11/2013 at 21:08
From: Ascendant Sly, The Dark Knight
To : Everyone
Subj: Cowards abound - Heed the call of the Darkness

Cowards of the Forest and Southern Kingdoms -

For your own sake, it is my hope that this message finds you willing to shed the scales from your eyes that prevent you from seeing the error of your ways. I also began my life as a fool, following the premise that power was naught but the evil propaganda of the north. I was told to be sympathetic to the cowards of the green-heart forest, and to submit to the will of those much weaker than I in Krondor. Being told to obey those who lacked power, and to mind my manners when spoken to by those not deserving of respect were concepts that slowly began to stir within me. Fostering a questioning spirit within as I began to hear the call of the dark path.

It is of no surprise to me that time and time again I see you retreating to the south, tails tucked between your legs at the result of a singular defeat. It is this notion of fear and a lack of respect for true power that drove me to darkness. For those who have faced me in battle, you know it is not of my nature to retreat. I have fallen by many a sword, and dealt many a death; but my resolve to tighten the chokehold upon the south remains. I am neither discouraged by nor afraid of death. This is a notion that the cowards of the forest and south cannot, and will not embrace.

The dark path tells us that the peace is only found in power over your enemies, the culmination of which occurs when your adversaries refuse to fight. We will not be shaken, nor will we be silent in your hour of pestilence. We will not be broken, and you shall be defeated as our drive to push your cowards and ignorance out of Triagia comes to fruition.

The shadows lengthen from the frozen north to the ports of Natal. Press firm against the gates of Krondor, for our blades are singing the hymn of your undoing.

Penned by my hand on the 41st of Wochem, in the year 49.