Mocker List Continued

Date: 10/23/2013 at 8:51
From: First Enchanter Grin Lazariss
To : Seigneur Shlean Lecavalier
Subj: Mocker List Continued

Lean Green Bean Shlean, Dean of the Mean Scene,

I believe you forgot the following.

Eryf is 'Tinder',
Onar is 'Tonguejob',
Erwing is actually 'Cradlesnatch',
Vanon is 'The Burninator',
Raelyr is actually 'Mind Taker',
Jerry is 'Upright J',
Nemi is actually 'White Shadow',
Ugralitan is 'Sparkle Pony',
Zeke is 'Very Important Person',
Miko is 'Afternoon Delight',
Renatta is 'Bleedy McBleedyblood',
Sutao is 'Very Important Tsurani',
Darrian is 'Our Very Special Boy',
Caes is 'Captain Crook',
Ashra is 'Crook's Booty',
Yurii is 'Turtleman',
Qeyrae is 'Chocolate Fever',
Firieth is '20/20', though you may find Ayreon also responds to this,
Pela is 'Daddy's Girl',
and of course, Morielen is 'The Good Witch of the North', or 'Ditch Queen', but only when the moons are aligned. Additionally, it's not 'Ditch' per se, but one must be careful when addressing the Nightmaster.

I am pleased that the name I gave you as my underworld protege has stuck, Dean Shlean. Continue your good work.


Penned by my hand on the 17th of Wochem, in the year 52.