Your Inconsequence

Date: 12/14/2013 at 8:58
From: Witch-Queen Morrighan, Fell Raven
To : Raelyr Matawa
Subj: Your Inconsequence

Human warrior,

To punish the many for the dishonour of the few is a mistake, though it is one that you and the many who have come before and will come after you are free to make. Much as you are also free to further sully your credibility as a mature being by tossing out a series of quaint insults coupled with overzealous hyphenization with all the sense and impact of a toddler throwing wooden blocks.

I will continue to maintain my stance on what is and is not acceptable in this war. Whether or not you (or indeed any or all of your kind) reciprocate is as of little consequence as your collective existence. Though to those of you who possess sufficient command of your inferior mental faculties to be able to grasp the dire folly of continuation along the path of dishonour - show your disapproval by abstaining from meaningless retaliations. You shall earn my respect, and the right to a swifter death or shorter torture than is reserved for your less illuminated brethren.

That said, I also extend a personal invitation to any who may have grown as sick of the louder among you as I have. Join us. Fight for the side that actively works to promote dignity and Honor in all things. Prove your worth and you will be rewarded.

To the rest: I look forward to subjugating your race and teaching you all the correct mode of behaviour.

Upon the Dark Path,

Morrighan, Witch-Queen

Penned by my hand on the 32nd of Wochem, in the year 54.