Date: 12/14/2013 at 15:45
From: First Enchanter Grin Lazariss
To : Witch-Queen Morrighan, Fell Raven
Subj: Hypocritamus!


First, I think you'll find that everyone considers Raelyr a manchild. A tactical and combative master, but a manchild all the same. He plays with dolls. I've seen it. Publicly mocking him for it makes you look like you've only just now caught up with the fact we've known for decades.

Second, for someone so inclined to insult the 'mental faculties' of others, you have no small number of shortcomings yourself. Take for instance the current situation. Raelyr, fed up with Sar-Sargoth's stupidity, has decided to generally ruin the collective days of Sar-Sargoth's citizens. To dissuade him, you have just insulted his honour and offered his people torture and death. Considering how apt at ruining your day he's been so far, don't you think provoking him further might be just a little daft?

Next, dignity. I've met a scarce few moredhel who genuinely stick with the traditions, beliefs and supposed 'honour' your people historically boast. I can already imagine the flustered, infuriated reactions of some moredhel reading this, and all the petty threats of death and destruction formulating in their maddened minds to try and put me in my place. Exactly how much glamredhel blood seeps through the typical moredhel's veins now? Anyway, moving on to more amusing semantics, your city has no sewer. It houses trolls, goblins and the largest collection of canines this side of Kesh. It houses people such as Ameroth, Cython, and Tora. Exactly how much shit - both sentient and non - do you have to wade through on your way to the gates each time the guards start calling for help?

Last, subjugation. Considering how often I've seen trolls and goblins alike taking positions of power in Sar-Sargoth, I have trouble believing that you people actually have any ability or intent to hold the lesser races down in this renowned 'subservient' class that you call 'slaves'. The moredhel have always claimed that non-edhel are inferior, and yet they so often find themselves being bested and even controlled by these 'lesser' races. The most impressive member of Sar-Sargoth's Palaver Circle of the last decade came from Elvandar, and even then he's only impressive due to the fact he's expended all his 'mental faculties' for extra muscle. Could it be that you don't so much crave control over the lesser, but more have a deep sense of desperation for more thralls to hurl around during war? If that is indeed the case, exactly why are you people so disinclined to hire Portside's mercenaries? Double-standards only work when you use them to your advantage you know, Witch-Queen.

In the future when you seek to press your beliefs on the rest of the world, take a moment to consider that everyone else is just as self-oriented, ambitious and as competent as you. They're all trying to win over and 'subjugate' the rest of the world with their own 'greater good', so ultimately what you're doing is pissing into an ocean of piss, and Sar-Sargoth doesn't have the facilities to deal with that much sewage.

Petulantly yours, riding his own Dark Path,
Grin Lazariss

PS: There's poo on Murmandamus' statue. You should get that cleaned up.

Penned by my hand on the 35th of Wochem, in the year 54.