Consternation for Praetor

Date: 1/11/2014 at 8:25
From: Silent, Anoira, The Shifting Shadow
To : Everyone
Subj: Consternation for Praetor

Dear citizens of Sar-sargoth, I come before you to announce my contestation of Praetor, while it is a hard time when great people step down from high places it opens a door for another to take their place and with all due respect to Morrighan I feel it is time I step forward, and rise through my silence and shadows to offer you today myself as Praetor.

Now we all have important things to do than read a post that rambles, so I will get to the point, I am Anoira, previously Mistress of the ply, Aide to the Iron Talon. All titles due to Raven yes, but such positions I?ve held and served, I have stood and fought alongside our allies and many of you, perhaps not as often as most but many of times, and I offer you that now, I will not offer you some made up crap, nor will I spoon feed you with shiny promises that are never kept, I will promise that should I be elected I will do my best to serve with a level head, and understanding of my position, if you will put the trust into me I shall strive to bring better things no matter how small they may be I will try but I make no promise as I cannot work miracles but I can try if given that chance.

However, while I am never one to bash or put anyone down I would distinctly like to point out perhaps a few flaws of one of my fellow competitors, Marluna, this forest elf that has been so graciously welcomed and I?m pretty sure adored. Let us not forget where this fickle elf has come from, know that she has never stayed true to her path save one, and that is her personal affairs. She is also one who not only has taken position in her city, but abused it in turned away just to go off and marry the esteemed Christoff. While some may find this romantic these actions she has taken shows that she is not only willing to drop everything for her own affairs but she is willing and able to abandoned us just the same, this elf is a disgrace and should not rightfully be placed in such a seat of power to which she can abuse. I mind you be cautious in your voting and know all rather than just what she wants you to see.

Let us also remember that Roma too has had his faults and has taken power once before and has abused it in such fashions that is I am surprised he still has the ability to contest, while circumstances may change, and so do people, however the history remains, leaving scars upon the city in which never heal, they?re simply masked by ugly fleshy parts, to which can be broken into quite as easily as before.

I here and now stand before you and ask you Sar-sargoth, do you wish to put your hands in those who have done you harm? Who have abandoned and turned to follow our path for their own personal gain? Or would you rather have someone who has been loyal through and through from the beginning who would never lie or cheat you, who can decide over her heart to make the right decision? This is your Decision Sar-Sargoth I hope for your sake you make the right choice.


Silent, Anoira, Shifting Shadow.

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Nuna, in the year 55.