Recent attacks on shrines

Date: 1/16/2014 at 20:13
From: Naftali, Lightsworn Bearer
To : Everyone
Subj: Recent attacks on shrines

It seems the new Witch King of Sar-Sargoth has decided to flex his muscles by cleansing the north of all sects and shrines he finds offensive. As such, I am offering a bounty: one gold for each Sargothian head that I receive, as long as you are not yourself a Northerner. Rest assured, I have the gold to pay many such bounties. Furthermore, I offer one gold for information regarding any shrines to the Defiler aspect of Lord Banath that are not included among the following:

a simple room (Hush)
against a natural dam (Countryside East of Krondor)
garden retreat (Ylith)
a small graveyard (Margrave's Port)
upon Sailor's Grief (Sailors Grief)
a clear view of the highlands (Grey Towers)
hidden stockroom (Skreech)
an idyllic basin (Thunderhell Steppes)
A neat home (Zun)
a frigid lake (Thunderhell Steppes)
a secluded study (Farmlands surrounding Natal)
a private study (Yabon)
a private chamber (Crydee)
training room (Caldara)
A side alcove (the Black Cathedral)
Emerald aura (Hadati Crypts)
dark corner of the tangled glade (Zun Highway)
a blighted colony of fungus (Ithilian Defile)
An alcove beneath the bridge (Yabon Highway)
An underground shrine (Shamata)

I hope the North soon turns from this path.

Naftali of the Queen's Guard, the Bearer of the Cleansing Flame

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Yamiev, in the year 55.