Who do you think you are?

Date: 1/17/2014 at 6:28
From: The Grimly Grim Grin Lazariss that Grins
To : Witch-King Aidan
Subj: Who do you think you are?


It must be a terrible curse being so strong you have little challenge in the realms of mortals, that you would challenge the Gods Themselves. I wonder how many of the Deceivers you are dragging into this share this ideal. How many of your city mates? Did you consult your Palaver before setting out on this 'holy' crusade to rid the North of religious sects you don't feel 'suit' your people? Considering that those I have consulted from your city in my attempts to gain a spark of insight into what stupidity you are starting, I'm willing to believe that this was nothing more than a whim by another mad, overly ambitious elf who feels he has nothing more to contribute to the world. You win fights. Nothing more. It is clear to all that value wisdom, tactical and political, that your presence is nothing more than a result of being good at cracking heads. It's like I'm seeing Radakail all over again, only this time, he's inept at strategy and forward planning.

Allow me to explain to you exactly what you have started, as you are so dim-witted that you fail to understand what you are setting in motion. You have announced as Witch-King of Sar-Sargoth, that all religions of the 'south', as you put it, are not welcome to practice in 'your' lands, ignoring the actual facts that these sects hail from no particular town and exist only to revere and teach about their associated Divines. This is an announcement that you oppress religious values for the sake of petty mortal ideals. The sects you have defaced are directly insulted by this, and followers of other sects will be stirred to hear that some uppity Deceiver with an inflated sense of self has decided who can practice what and where. You are beginning a religious war, in which all those of real faith that vehemently cling to their beliefs will consider you and any in your city that follow your 'cause', heretics.

And there is nothing more stirring than the threat of a heretic cause.

You made to me a claim that you would remove all non-Sar-Sargothian cults from 'your' lands, starting with Flame, Forbidden and Triumph. You now claim in your public post, that we 'directly' oppose you. I can't speak for the other sects, but the Forbidden have never sided with any city, and only against a city that would seek to inhibit it - Krondor, and only now have we a reason to 'directly' oppose Sar-Sargoth. You have used lies to excuse starting conflict through order wars, and it would seem now that you have chosen to name just a handful of sects rather than the whole 'southern sect list' as you did last week, that you may have realized the folly of targeting us all. That, or as is so predictable of men like you, we are just the first of your targets. These lies of yours only give us more reason to believe your Deceivers are the root of this problem. You have struck out against the hands of Gods. You have spat upon Guis-wan, Tith-Onanka and Prandur.

You have promised the removal of all 'southern sects' from 'your' lands. A bold claim, so many more Gods to offend. To remind you of this little oath you've sworn, here is a list of the 'southern sects' that apparently are an affront to Sar-Sargoth:
Killian's Storm, led by Tahni
Killian's Wilds, led by Nivek
Banath's Nightwalkers, overseen by Nemi
Banath's Knowledge, administrated by Savil
Guis-wan's Forbidden, led by Karinya
Prandur's Flame, led by Zerif
Ka-hooli's Justice, led by Avash
Silban's Watchers, overseen by Faervel
Silban's Givers, led by Dobbas
Tith-Onanka's Triumph, led by Karic
Astalon's Builders, led by Medeia
Ruthia's Luck, led by Fantom
Dala's Warders, led by Caliah

If you attack us all, you will unite these religions against you, you will cause the Eledhel and the Humans to fight side by side for causes other than city, and you will strengthen the bond between the southerners that the smarter people before you have tried so hard to sabotage. You will undo years of delicate political work. You will suffer the wrath of the zealots and the powers they can invoke from their Gods. You will paint the Deceivers as a sect that condones this action. All because you are bored.

To summarise, I have this to say. The faiths and the lands they choose to inhabit are for the contest of the faiths themselves, not the Witch-King. If your sister sect is under attack (Inferno, Avarice, Conquest, and all the others that the Witch-King has promised to assault), then the ideals and reverence of those that worship your God is under attack. If you value the Gods, your ability to worship Them, your rights to follow Who you like and in whatever form you like, then your liberty of choice is under attack. If you find that this act of war against simple religions is nothing more than a petty excuse to draw out the faithful for slaughter by a dense barbarian looking for challenges, then the concept of 'honor' is under attack.

If you agree that it is not the realm of one man to decide what should be preached, contact me. There will be a part for all to play in this fight, be it offerings to defile and sanctify, zealots to preach and invoke divine powers, or soldiers who really wish to embed a boot deep up Aidan's pompous elven arse.

Yours in service,
- Grin Lazariss

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Yamiev, in the year 55.