Seeking an end

Date: 2/5/2014 at 1:41
From: Witch-King Aidan
To : Everyone
Subj: Seeking an end


Upon reading a rather interesting article regarding the demon lord Gralob from the fallen General Raelyr Matawa, I must quickly respond so proper coordination can be achieved in time.

This is absolutely not an issue that must be taken lightly and we have all managed to put our differences aside to come together just long enough to stop this oprresion of Triagia. Gralob, a true threat to all that we know....from Zorn to Ameroth to Majuard to our young so little that they aren't even able to carry a sword yet. Outside of one small mishap from a citizen, Sar-Sargoth has took to arms to give whatever it is at that given time. No command has ever been given by myself or the Palaver circle to not give aide in defense of Triagia.

My issue, along with the rest of those entrusted with the responsibility just cannot allow Matawa to lead any type of encounter with Gralob. The last time this was done he cowardly issued commands to his army informing them to stand down and I along with Kalnar spent more time dealing with Matawa then we were able to focus our attention on Gralob. Matawa did say one thing, that rings true....this is certainly not a popularity contest, and with that he is the last person the People will follow into battle, let alone receive any type of direction from. We have came together in the past to bring the demon to cower in fear, and we shall be able to fell it with proper preparation given just as it has been throughout the encounters.

Sar-Sargoth will stand behind Doctor Malapardis wards and the lure attempts of Scathain. The ground leader though, will need to be re-established because with such a threat to our existence, proper care and placement needs to be considered. Not one, that has actively aided Gralob in the past.

To those, who have created this reformation.....we await your words with eagerness so a proper field commander may be selected. My nomination, along with the experience would be Warlord Vaeris. His ability to lead warriors and people is and will always be considered one of the best. If he cannot lead, then a proven leader against the many defenses of Gralob has been Caes. To add another name to the consideration.

For the People,

Witch-King Aidan

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Nuna, in the year 56.