Your Doubts

Date: 2/5/2014 at 2:22
From: Raelyr Matawa
To : Witch-King Aidan
Subj: Your Doubts

Dear, dear Aidan.

Let us first not forget who it was that trained you in the art of warfare, my prodigal student. Let us second do away with misleading partial truths. The incident you speak of was not an effort of a single Sar-Sargothian citizen, it was the result of a breakdown in your command of epic proportion. And as I recall, you and yours were terribly affronted by the efficiency and tactical dominance of the reprisal that followed.

Yes, I ordered Krondor not to engage Gralob -alongside Sar-Sargoth- after your betrayal in the Teeth of the World. Yes, I attempted to turn your own tactics against you. Yes, I actively hindered your best efforts. The very fact that as an individual I was enough of a nuiance you feel the need to fanatically defend yourself even a year and more after the fact speaks volumes to my qualifications for strategic leadership.

One of the greatest assets of any leader, on any field, and not just in battle, is the ability to adapt as the situation shifts and the tides of war ebb and flow. I am a great many things, an ass and a malicious bastard certainly among them. But so too are effective and often startingly bold. I do not doubt others can lead armies and rally troops, or that others are abreast of events with Gralob. What I do doubt is your ability to put aside your personal interests or thoughts of glory or personal gain from the ensuing battle. Your post only reinforces these doubts in me.

I am qualified to direct the battle against Gralob. I was the first to do so, both unsuccessfully and then successfully. I have been directing wars since before many of you first took up a sword, even many of you far more long-lived than I am. I don't really feel the need to further justify or explain my qualifications in this regard.

I am aware of the situation with Gralob. It was I who coordinated the initial investigation there in the Straits of Darkness. It was I who devised the first technique that was effective on the demon, both in drawing him and in defeating him that first time. It was I who refined that technique into the two-fronted battle plan all of us still use today.

I am capable of setting aside personal interest and gain in favor of getting done what needs doing. I have done so, repeatedly, not only for my own city, but in many other instances. I am as capable of forging peace as I am war, your own Morrighan, Malapardis, Aria, and any of a dozen others can atest to that.

All of that said, I would be happy to meet with you and compare strategic notes or tactics. I intend to be as transparent as possible in executing yet one more duty I have taken. Feel free to approach me with suggestions or insight, and perhaps, for once, we might -all- set aside our pride and egos for the duration of the upcoming confrontation.

Courage and Honor,
-Raelyr Matawa

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Nuna, in the year 56.