Gralob, Triagia Responds

Date: 2/5/2014 at 12:32
From: Macalla, Watcher of Souls
To : Everyone
Subj: Gralob, Triagia Responds

Greetings People of Triagia,

I am compelled to come forward and clarify many items Raelyr Matawa handily glossed over concerning his actions in battle of the Demon Lord Gralob.

The strutting about and posturing you mention, is what YOU are doing here Raelyr. Competency in dealing with the Demon Lord Gralob is what you have NOT shown and I will list what I know of it.

1. The FIRST to deal with the Demon was not you but Starra from what my sources tell me.

2. Your FIRST time to deal with it in the Straits of Darkness, what did you do? You handpicked only certain ones, you did not include all for your own city of Krondor. Gianna is one very capable Warlock you overlooked, a leader of Stardock I would imagine would have been a boon to the group. And what happened, you were unable to deal with it, your handpicked group and you did what? You called for the help of Aidan who put aside differences and bailed you out of that one.

3. Yes, I heard Starra did attack a group of you in a battle of the Demon Lord but she doesn't represent all of the North or the lands of Triagia.

4. The Demon appears on Krondor's doorstep in Calastius, the North Enemies came to fight it and Krondor citizens, Gianna, Caliah, Lykas, many young and I aided to remove the threat. I myself gave by being at the Shrine of the Forbidden and resurrecting those falling and sending them back to battle as quikly as possible. What did you do? You commanded the city of Krondor to not help, and we ignored you. You attacked the group and also attack at the Shrine of the Forbidden in your efforts to sabotage the efforts. For this I say shame on you!

5. The next time the Demon Lord Gralob was giving battle, again citizens of Krondor were ordered NOT to fight, Baron Zylo ordered and Erwing Kilara supported that. Shame on you all again. This threat is against all people of the lands of Triagia.

6. Many battles have been fought and you were not at most of them, Raelyr Matawa. Many is the time all of the lands have fought off this threat putting aside differences.

To end, if you are such a great warrior then you should know how to follow orders and take anothers leadership, regardless of who it is. I submit to the Lands of Triagia, including every man, woman and child, it is time to take up arms and drive this Demon back to whence it came. I submit that a true meeting of Leaders of the Lands reconvene and discuss the best way to go about it, once again as we have many times, putting aside our differences to join together. Those that have shown in the past an unwillingness to do so should not be leading it now.

Citizen of Krondor, Priestess of Guis-Wan,


Penned by my hand on the 11th of Nuna, in the year 56.