Apologize or suffer the consequences.

Date: 2/11/2014 at 9:02
From: Lopetherre Ridire, Herald of Dragon's Flame
To : Vagrant Lord Ugralitan Iavas, the Stump
Subj: Apologize or suffer the consequences.

Hello Stump,
We have never met, but you have insulted the light of my life, Aria. I strongly suggest you recant on your words before I find everything you hold dear and violate them until you can no longer stand to look at them. Once I have destroyed all that you love I will get into your home and rip out your intestines, while keeping you alive with healing prayers and decorate your walls with them. After I am done with the interior decorating I shall hang you by your toe nails, remove your private bits and force you to eat them. Now I strongly urge to to apologize to my wife to be.

Lopetherre Ridire, Herald of the Dragon's Flames.

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Yamiev, in the year 56.