Your Insignificance

Date: 5/9/2014 at 18:03
From: Maiden of Darkness, Starra, Sweetest Nightmare
To : Everyone
Subj: Your Insignificance

Greetings, Elvandar, Krondor.

I have noticed a particular set of instances where, you all have been scrounging up the gall to make appearances on the battlegrounds and villages. This is quite surprising, and it is admirable. Then.. Then this funny thing happens: one or some of the People, also come to debate this fact; the fact that the lands belong to us, that you should not be taking them, and the fact that you are becoming unworthy of service, and you run away? (and subject the People to your random insane jibbering and complaints. Seriously, get help.)

You see, when you make a decision in life, these decisions come with an opposite. All things have an opposite, however sometimes the opposite can shadow the intention. This comes down to War, as well. Do not decide to make an action and not defend it. If you do, at least have the courtesy to kneel to your betters, humans, or acknowledge our power, eledhel.

Krondor: If you are going to rely on a single person for all your non-force, at least ensure that person can motivate you enough to step up instead of use him when he wakes to feel some small inching glory that will be eliminated as quickly as it manifested. Do not let bitterness taint your judgment.

Elvandar: I do not like fighting you cousins, but I also am sorry to see you lending sway towards the humans as sympathizers for all their complaints on us mean, evil moredhel. We are, after all, the true legacies of these lands, I hope to see better of you all someday. Being content will never see any individual amongst you to success in anything.

I suggest either seeking more divinity prayer and boon to empower yourselves, or at least having the dignity to relinquish your walls to us so we may make better use of the land which you inhabit stubbornly.

As always - If you are ever sick of leading a pointless existence, you only need ask for an application for citizenship to Sar-Sargoth and you can begin walking a path of life of significance.

The Sweetest Nightmare,
. * .
* . Starra
. *

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Wochem, in the year 60.