Satyr Monk from Achaea

Satyr monk from the MMO game Achaea.

This is another fabulous image from Chris Bourassa of a Satyr Monk from the MMORPG world of Achaea.

As with most traditional mythology, the Satyrs of Achaea have the upperbody of a human male and the lower body of a goat. In opposition to the Sirens, the Satyr race are entirely composed of males only.

You can get a bit more info about this race from the Achaea website:



Gorgeous artwork! :D

That's a badass looking satyr.


That.. cloth is holding.


Don't you just love good art? I know I do!

It would be rather debilitating in combat

satyr doesn't need pants

The most badass looking Satyr ever!

Every male needs something to cover his privates with before he goes into battle. This is just common sense. Personally I would think he needs something besides a pretty little skirt.

Why? Leather armour sucks.

Really nice.

He seems too bulky for a monk, more like a brawler heh. Awesome work either way!

Achean monks are a bit brawlish. Backbreaker isn't a dainty move.

pretty solid, still

I always pictured a monk with a calm expression on his face. But to be honest, I never thought of satyr monk combination. Nice artwork.

That is a great picture!