Frequently Asked Questions about Payment

This page will hopefully answer any questions you may have about our payment systems. If you continue to have problems or questions, please contact support for your game.

All about Game Credits

1. Do your text games cost money to play?

No. You can play all Iron Realms text games free, forever.

2. What are Game Credits?

Credits are an in game currency used to advance faster, purchase special items, such as artifacts, pets, houses, and more.

3. Do I have to buy game credits to play?

No, never. Credits are used for advancing skills more quickly and purchasing special items in the game. It is important to note that you can buy credits from other players in the game with gold earned from playing, so you can always simply earn credits by playing the MUD.

4. What can I get in the game with credits?

Certain features in our text games require credits. Advancing your skills, buying special artifacts, houses, or pets all require credits. Credits can be attained in three general ways: You can buy them from other players in the game with gold, you can purchase them from us with real money, or you can win credits in various in game contests held regularly.

5. Can I transfer game credits between characters?

Yes, you can transfer credits to characters on the same game. You can also transfer to other characters in the same game provided the credits are ‘unbound credits.’ Any credits you buy with gold in the text game or with real money are automatically unbound credits that must be converted to ‘bound credits’ before being used. Once converted to ‘bound’, the credits can no longer be transferred. Please type ‘HELP CREDITS’ in each individual text game to read about the syntaxes for working with credits.

6. Can I transfer credits between IRE text games?

No, you cannot transfer credits to characters on other Iron Realms MUD games.

How to Purchase Game Credits.

1. Where do I purchase credits?

You can purchase game credits directly from the individual game websites. Those pages are listed here:

2. How do I pay for game credits with a credit/debit card?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards on our game websites. Anything with a VISA, MasterCard, or Discover logo should work with our website. Credit and debit cards are the preferred choice as they will give you instant access to your credits in the text games and will keep prices low for you. You can make your purchase directly from the individual game websites, listed above.

3. How long will it take to get my credits in the game?

In the case of credit/debit cards, your game credits should be received within minutes. With a mailed-in payment (check/money order/cash), it mainly just depends on the speed of the postal service, which will vary depending on where you live. As soon as your mail is received, we will credit your MUD character's account in the text game.

4. Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes you can.

5. How much do game credits cost?

Credit prices are as follows:

  • $9.99 for 15 Credits (66 cents per Credit)
  • $19.99 for 40 Credits (50 cents per Credit)
  • $39.99 for 100 Credits (40 cents per Credit)
  • $69.99 for 200 Credits (35 cents per Credit)
  • $104.99 for 300 Credits (35 cents per Credit)
  • $134.99 for 400 Credits (33.8 cents per Credit)
  • $168.99 for 500 Credits (33.8 cents per Credit)
  • $197.99 for 600 Credits (33 cents per Credit)
  • $230.99 for 700 Credits (33 cents per Credit)
  • $254.99 for 800 Credits (31.9 cents per Credit)
  • $279.99 for 900 Credits (31.1 cents per Credit)
  • $299.99 for 1000 Credits (30 cents per Credit)
  • $441.99 for 1500 Credits (29.5 cents per Credit)
  • $579.99 for 2000 Credits (29 cents per Credit)

6. Is it possible to purchase larger amounts of game credits?

Yes, and there are discounts available for packages of 3000 credits and higher, but you must coordinate that with the person in charge of credit sales for each text game. These are:

  • Achaea: tecton (at) achaea (dot) com 
  • Aetolia: razmael (at) aetolia (dot) com 
  • Imperian: jeremy (at) imperian (dot) com 
  • Lusternia: estarra (at) lusternia (dot) com 

7. What appears from the game on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement will show a billing from the MUD game like this: Iron Realms - <game>. So, for instance, “Iron Realms – Imperian.”

8. Is the games credit card server secure?

Yes. Our credit card server is secured with 128bit industry-standard SSL encryption and the security of our systems and game websites is verified quarterly by Security Metrics.

Problems with Game Payments

1. My credit card keeps being declined by the game, but I know I have funds.

This could be for a variety of reasons. Usually it will happen if you input an incorrect address or security code. Follow the instructions on the page carefully. If it continues to fail then you can contact us in the game directly or consider using PayByCash or Check payment as described above.

2. My credit card was declined by the game, but it still got charged.

Actually, your credit card has not been charged if it was declined. Occasionally a bank will place a hold on funds when an authorization is requested even though they then decline the charge, usually for ‘invalid address or zip code.’ The funds are released after a few days, when the bank realizes that actually no charge was placed. Honestly, we have no idea why this happens. No bank has ever given us a straight answer.

3. I bought credits for the game with my credit/debit card. Where are the credits?

When using CC or Debit cards, credits are usually completely processed within minutes. If after an extended period of time you've not received them in the text game, please email support@ <game> (dot) com. It will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Other Credit Questions

1. Why do you have to pay for game credits?

Iron Realms is a small games company with several employees. We strive to make our text games better than any others like them, and to do so, we want the best producers, developers, and coders we can get. Those cost money, of course, as they like to eat and pay their rent as much as the next person. We also provide the best servers money can buy, have bandwidth charges, legal fees, and so on.

2. Will I be charged more than once by the game?

All purchases are single, one-time only purchases. The only exception is if you sign up on a game for an Elite Membership.

3. Can I do a monthly game subscription?

Yes. We have the Iron Elite Membership with several different benefits based on the text game you are playing. Type in HELP ELITE from your favorite game for more information.

4. How can I cancel my membership?

Cancelling your membership is easy. Simply log on to your PayPal account, navigate to the "Preapproved Payments" page, and cancel your scheduled payment.

If you paid with Credit Card: Simply navigate to the relevant page below and enter your order number (from your payment receipt) and your email.

If you no longer have access to your last payment reciept, you can email support and we will send it to you.

5. Can I get a refund?

Iron Realms Entertainment does not offer refunds. The reason is simply that to do so would mean that anyone who had a bad day of playing could ask for a refund. Of course, we make exceptions for cases of fraud, and we involve the FBI and Interpol wherever possible in such cases. If you have any questions or problems, please contact your game support at support@<game>.com and we'll try to help. (So, for instance, support (at) aetolia (dot) com.)

6. Who do I talk to about credit or purchase problems?

Please address billing inquiries to support (-at-) <game> (-dot-) com. Please include your character name from the game and as much information about your inquiry as possible so we can better assist you. Thanks!