Playing Alts in Iron Realms MMORPGs

Multiboxing in MMORPGs

The games that Iron Realms provide are all incredible and each has a different theme, a different flavor and a different feel. Within each game there are different factions and subfactions, leading to even more flavor between every game, factions, Houses and even character classes and races. There is simply so much to experience in the Iron Realms MMORPGs, one can hardly be blamed if they want to experience the 'other side' or another game with the same quality. But before you go on making alternative characters, here are a few things you really should know:


Don't Mail Items Between Characters!

In contrast to MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, alternative characters and accounts aren't allowed to help eachother in any way. You may NOT drop vials somewhere on your 'main' and pick them up on your alt, that would be one character aiding another. The same goes for gold, herbs, clothes, armour, weapons, etc. However, you MAY transfer website-purchased credits between characters -- just not in-game acquired credits such as buying through the credit market.


Don't Use Cross-Character Information!

Perhaps the most important part: information learned on one character should NOT be used to aid another. Now, this one is tricky, becaues it's one of those grey areas. Maybe you're not conciously more aggressive towards person X for reason Y learned on character Z, but try to keep this in mind: keep it to the character. If your first character has a rivalry with person H, don't carry that rivalry over to your next character. They're separate, so try to make sure they think separately too!


Keep them Seperated!

Can't really say this concept enough. This isn't so much a rule as it is a tip: try to make your characters act differently. This will keep them a little more secret, and keep them feeling different, fresh and enjoyable to play. Try to log into them at different times if you're trying to keep them secret, too. This can be very useful, for example if your main is a popular raider from Ashtan, you may not really want Shallamese figuring out who your Shallamese alt is -- while you should try to act differently towards the same people across characters, it doesn't guarentee everyone will.


Have fun!!

In other MMORPGs you often need to start a new character at some point to continue enjoying the game, but in Iron Realms games, that is just an option. The main thing is to have fun -- if you can do that on your main character without even being tempted to look at the other side, that's great. But some people will inevitably be curious, and for those people, alternate characters are a fantastic way to re-play the same game in an extremely different way, and experience a whole new world through the eyes of your next character.


Author: Rean Moliuvia


I used a few til I found out what class I wanted to paly adn then anotehr couple while checking I had not missed anything.  Then i was happy.  Maybe I just like doing Novice requirements

Try them all on and see which one fits best. I wonder if I would make a good Shallamise priest? ....Naaaa don't think so.

When I first started playing Val, I spent a lot of time and effort on her and enjoyed her class.. but then I wanted a change, and couldn't settle on a class I liked. I ended up changing a few times, and wasting far too much money so ALTS were a cheaper, safer solution. I didn't mess up anything else on Val, and I had a chance to experience different Cities, Houses and RP prospects. If people don't know who your main is, and you can RP well enough that people don't know you're an ALT, then it's a good way to figure out how YOU want to play the game. It's not for everyone, and sometimes other characters get pushed into the background, but for some people it's not fun to play until your character is 300 years old.

And I play them off and on, when I feel the need to be away from one thing or another, but I don't have the opportunity to use them like I would on other games. I'm used to being able to set my account up for self-sufficiency - farming my own potions and forging my own gear for everyone at once, and the like. Being unable to do so makes them less useful.

Especially for those coming down from other games. Used to WoW and the like, without the restrictions.

It boggles my mind to even think of devoting time to an alt.

I've devoted too much time on Xer to really think about spending much time on anyone else. 

Credit comment.


You don't spend any time on your main then either if you have no alts! :P



It seems like this article is simply help seconds elaborated. I feel this lacks the novelty it seems to be searching for.

In other news, I find this copypasta shallow and pedantic.

Alts are great, and from time to time I took a time off from mains to play them.

I agree 

is probably a terrible idea

I have ended up with decidely too many alts

I've enjoyed having alts

I like to think that alts have helped my character consistency somewhat

The hardest part is keeping things seperated

too much effort to have two characters.

The same as metagaming rules. I've had someone recently start a terrible run at metagaming, punishing the character because I spoke up about some racist comments she was making in a ring. I suspect two other characters that have recently started treating my character like crap are probably her alts, or else people she's talked to OOC about the whole thing. It makes playing highly unpleasant, and unfortunately, there's very little to be done about it. It ruins the game for others, and it's just generally a crappy thing to do to another human being. Don't do it!

I could have told you all this.

too much attention, not enough time.

I have one alt, almost Logosian and my main is at 95. There are times I get bored of something with my main and go to my alt for a couple days-week but lately I've been spending about an equal amount of time on both. I keep the personalities consistently different, very different so its one of those things where it really depends on what kind of day it is. I doubt I'd be able to keep up with any other alts but I still would like to make a character on Aetolia or Lusternia. Just can't decide.

I don't think it is humanly possible to keep the characters separate.

Oh, right -- Achaea's having this huge event right now, so I'm alting there while I main in Lusternia :D





The article blurs a bit as to what is game policy vs what is opinion.

something something credit please

Way too much work. 

Alt's are hard. One does not simply have infinite time.


There are plenty of games out there and if I felt like trying something different, I would choose another game, not another character.

good idea

I honestly don't know how people manage more than one character!

good information for a new player


well alts can be very useful to get used to the dynamics of each class. I have had many many deleted and active alts just to check how the class hunts and some of the attacks (obviously most are not transed) but... to be honest my main used to be a serpent and when I made this alt (Alim is now my main) I fell in love with BM and just started to work on this character... if Mhaldor wasn't full of annoying unhelpful people I would probably had been an infernal main though

Barely have time to even be around alot.

or the attention span

I don't know how people have the time to invest in multiple characters. I do know of one person who has a couple of alts, one of which holds a position of power in a city, another of whom is high up in a house, etc. I'm struggling to get the bashing done to get to level 80 on one character, let alone multiple characters with multiple political agendas!

It is an expensive thing to mantain. I made one to test a class and fortunatelly I only want to test one skillset or else I wouldnt manage..

I tried it once or twice just to see what other classes were like, and I quickly got bored, plus having to start all the way back at newbie land no thanks I worked to hard to get where I am, and I dont want to start over

have to be careful

did someone just rewrite a help file as an article?

I just don't have enough time to have alts, I'm barely finding enough time to play my main. If I did though, I would make it completely opposite to what I play now just so that I could easily separate both rps!

Who has time to devote to an alt. I am having enough trouble getting requirements for 2 different organizations done in a reasonable time.