Play Zork at Iron Realms

Zork is one of the first interactive fiction games and the predecessor of text games like the ones created by Iron Realms Entertainment. As such we are now hosting these games directly on our websites for your enjoyment.

Zork Manuals

Download, read, and enjoy the original Zork manuals as a glorious pdf file.

Zork Maps

If you are a little lost, or need to figure out how to get around, check out the maps from the games.

Zork Walkthroughs

For those of you that may have problems figuring out the three original games, we have included three walkthroughs to help you out. Keep in mind, these will pretty much tell your how to win the game as fast as possible, so you may miss things.

Remember, if you enjoy Zork, you should be playing the Iron Realms Games!