Fairs, Fighting, and Art

Do you ever think to yourself that not much is happening in the Iron Realms? Here is a short list of events, features, and happenings in all of our unique game universes.

Worlds’ Fair on Achaea

Do not miss the fair. It’s already off and running. There are a few days left and you will kick yourself if you miss it.

Mages: The Complete Revamp on Aetolia

You know how they have been talking about revamping mages on Aetolia for years? It took a few iterations, but they are finally happy with it and you can now enjoy the magical goodness of it all.

Fight Club on Imperian

Just don’t talk about it. Seriously, don’t talk about it.

Art-Bard Contests are Back on Lusternia

Lusternia is bringing back the Artisanal and Bardic contests to the delight of creative people everywhere.

Upcoming Economy Changes on Starmourn

The economic game in Starmourn is set to be one of its main features and is one of the first things we are working on as we progress out of Beta.

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