Nexus Beta Testing

Welcome to the Nexus Beta Testing information page.

The client is going to be very buggy. That is why we have invited you to use the different versions of the client at this time. Please expect bugs and please report any that you find.

You can report all bugs at While we do have a way to submit bugs about the client in the settings section of the client, during the beta test, it will be much faster for you to submit them directly into the tracking software for us. Please make sure that the bug has not already been submitted. In addition, feel free to comment on bugs, if you have any insights.

When reporting bugs, it is much easier for us to fix them when you tell us which version of the client you are using (browser, desktop, android) and how to reproduce it. Please make sure you're using the latest version and you may want to review the changes logs as well. You can find those here:

We are currently testing the following:

  • Browser:
  • Desktop:
  • Android:

Thank you for helping us test the new client.