Gheladan - Achaea Online Help

12.2.3 Gheladan


Like Minia and Lodi, Mount Gheladan is a place for young adventurers levels 20
and under(*) to quest and hunt. It is a land where two species of ratlike
beings live at odds with one another. The Nilari, a peaceful race, look for aid
against the Murinae, their more violent kin. The Murinae also willingly accept
aid in handling the Nilari, with more nefarious goals in mind.

Further up the mountain, deep within a series of caverns, a hive of giant bees
and a nest of large hornets do battle with one another to fight for living
space. Both species wish to destroy the other and seek dominance.

The dragon Lasuna, found at the entrance to the mountain, can transport newbies
(only) to Minia or Lodi.

(*) To go to Minia, just say "Take me to Minia please." while in the presence
of Lasuna.

(*) To go to Lodi, just say "Take me to Lodi please." while in the presence of

Auma, the dragon of Minia, and Poraeus, the dragon of Lodi, can both send
newbies to Gheladan, as well. They reside in their respective areas.

(*) To go to Gheladan, just say "Take me to Gheladan please." while in the
presence of one of these two dragons.

Newbies within Gheladan are protected from attacks from higher level
adventurers. Those forbidden from entering Mount Gheladan will be quickly
ejected by Lasuna, who guards her newbies carefully.

If you don't know your way to Gheladan by foot, and if you have use of the
PORTALS ability (only for people under level 21. Type SHOW PORTALS to see if
you have any portal trips left), you may go EAST, then SOUTHEAST from the
location that PORTALS takes you to.

(*) Not all those who are level 20 or under may enter Lodi, Minia, Gheladan, or
any other area restricted to newbies. Those who are sufficiently infamous may
not enter (see HELP INFAMY). Neither may those who have ever been offered the
chance to embrace class (see HELP EMBRACING). Nor those who have exceeded three
hundred days within the realms.