About Iron Realms Entertainment

Iron Realms Entertainment is the world’s leading publisher and developer of MUDs. IRE was founded in 1995 by its CEO and founder, Matt Mihály, with the goal of producing high-quality MUDs (or text-based MMOs if you prefer) using a business model he pioneered - virtual goods sales.

IRE opened its first text game -- Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands -- in 1997, following it up in 2001 with Aetolia, the Midnight Age, with Imperian, the Sundered Heavens in 2003, and Lusternia, Age of Ascension in 2004. In 2018, Iron Realms released an original Sci-fi game, Starmourn.

There’s nobody on earth who puts the kind of energy, passion, time, and resources into MUDs that we do.


You can contact IRE via email at support@ironrealms.com, or via snail mail at:

Iron Realms Entertainment
936-B Seventh Street, #188
Novato, CA, 94945, USA


The Iron Realms Team


CEO: Matt Mihály

A veteran of MUDs going back to the early 90s, Matt founded Iron Realms in 1995 to build best-in-class MUDs, personally developing much of Achaea - its first MUD - where he pioneered the modern free-to-play w/ virtual goods (often called microtransactions) business model. Since then, he's overseen the release of five other Iron Realms games and led a spin-off company (Sparkplay Media) that built in-browser tech for streaming MMOs (later sold to Turner Entertainment). Matt has a degree in political science from Cornell, and in his spare time likes outdoor adventures, photography, playing with his rescue dogs, travel, reading and, of course, games of all sorts. Email: matt (-at-) ironrealms (-dot-) com


President: Jeremy Saunders

Introducing Jeremy, a pivotal figure at Iron Realms. He embarked on his journey as an Achaea player before becoming a dedicated volunteer. Handpicked to launch Imperian as its Producer, Jeremy's remarkable leadership propelled him to the role of Lead Producer and then company President. Prior to joining Iron Realms, he thrived as an entrepreneur in the martial arts industry, competing in professional MMA, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing bouts. Today, Jeremy serves as President, spearheading Iron Realms' vision for innovative gaming experiences. For inquiries or exciting opportunities, reach out to Jeremy at jeremy@ironrealms.com.


Lead Engineer: Tomas Mecir

Living in Slovakia, Europe, Tomas has a degree in Computer Science. Having played the Iron Realms text games for several years, he became a volunteer programmer for the Imperian game in 2009, and was hired in 2010 to work on various existing and new projects for Iron Realms. Email: tomas (-at-) ironrealms (-dot-) com



Producer: Charlie Russell

Gaining notoriety for being one of Achaea's premier combatants, Charlie took the next step and began working for Achaea as a programmer in 2013. He puts his vast combat knowledge and his BA in Computer Science from Essex University to good use expanding and improving all aspects of Iron Realms flagship game. Email: makarios (-at-) achaea (-dot-) com


Producer: Nicola Newton

Nicola started out as a player in Achaea in 2009, a total newbie to gaming and MUDs in general. She soon threw herself into all aspects of the game including writing, roleplay, combat, and also helped out for some years as one of the Achaea's Guides. In 2014 she joined the team as a volunteer and was quickly diving into events and lore creation, it wasn't too long before she became an Assistant Producer. In May of 2016, Nicola and Charlie Russell combined their complementary talents and stepped up as a team to take on the roles of Co-Producers for Achaea. Email: nicola (-at-) achaea (-dot-) com



Building Lead: Sam Kendall

With over a decade of MUD experience under his belt as a player, content creator, and administrator, Sam Kendall came to Iron Realms in February 2017 and operates out of the UK. Acting as Achaea's Head Builder, Sam delights in the development of expansive new landscapes, mind-boggling puzzles, and fiendishly challenging denizens, ensuring that Achaea's immense and vibrant world grows ever more engaging with each new addition to the map! Email: ictinus (-at-) achaea (-dot-) com


Assistant Producer: Michael Duncan

Michael's first adventure in Aetolia began in early 2003. After years of battling his fellow players and causing a great deal of havoc, he transitioned to a volunteer role in 2008, eventually becoming the Assistant Producer of Aetolia. In late 2012, he assumed the role of Producer. Michael is from New Zealand, and has studied computer science at the University of Otago. Email: razmael (-at-) aetolia (-dot-) com


Assistant Producer: Luke Moore

Hailing from Western Australia, Luke began his journey with Aetolia back in 2003 as fledgling player interested in PvP. After experiencing much of what was on offer, he transtitioned into a volunteer role in 2009 as a supporting programmer and designer for the game, and in 2015 became an official member of the Aetolian staff. Luke is a certified IT administrator and a self-taught programmer of various languages. Email: keroc (-at-) aetolia (-dot-) com

Playing a MUD

Engineer: Louis Philippe Handfield

Louis' first MUD experience began in 2009 with Aetolia, where in 2017, he became a volunteer coder. In real life, he is a system administrator and a certified network administrator. Although he studied computer science, his interest in programming began many years earlier. Originally from Quebec, Canada, he now lives in Arizona.



Producer: Mike Manning

Mike started out playing Lusternia in 2008 and quickly learned and adapted to become one of the top combatants in the Basin. He joined the team as a volunteer coder and got involved in various reworks and coding projects before stepping up in 2018 as an Asst Producer and taking over in Oct 2019 as Co-producer of Lusternia. Art credit to Gurashi of Lusternia.