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The House of Mojushai

Know that as you live and breathe, so exists all of the Universe.

Know that you are but a single breath within its vast expanse. A single
flame, imperceptibly small when measured by the expanse of time and
distance, yet one whose heat fuels the divine purpose.

And so it follows that we each struggle to find our direction with the time
given. Each of us walking a unique path, the values we choose serve to guide
and teach others as we come to find and understand our own place in the
scheme of creation.

Mojushai accept a responsibility to strive ever forward in their own path,
to define and internalise their beliefs, and volunteer to hold beacon to
others so that all may find their own way into their personal enlightenment
and completion.

The call for self sacrifice is a difficult one to answer as one's natural
desires tend to be jealous, and one seeks to be recognised and rewarded.
Such impulses can be difficult to dispel. These obstacles are only endured
and overcome through Strength -- both of conviction and character, faith in
one's path, and the desire to not only to better one's self, but to have all
beings find themselves in like completion.

House Mojushai is predicated on the belief that through Humility, we accept
the equality of all things and find reunion with our heavenly purpose.
Through Humility, each of us finds respect for others and so respect for
one's self.

That prosperity may be encouraged for the betterment of all, Mojushai swear
an oath of Benevolence, which calls us to give aide to those in need without
exception. We strive to preserve life and to provide sanctity from those
forces which would harm others and so create disharmony among all things.

These are the goals of the Mojushai: to accept these truths and to live
them, to instruct through example, to encourage prosperity among all beings,
and furthermore, to encourage harmony, knowledge and compassion among all
people -- that all may come to the light of understanding and fulfill their
unique purpose under heaven.