CLASSES AND GUILDS - Aetolia Online Help


8.1  GuildAdmin       The Guild administrators, located in Delos.
   8.2  Classes          Read about Aetolia's system of classes.
   8.3  GuildSystem      The Aetolian system of Guilds.
   8.4  ChangingGuilds   Switching guilds.
   8.5  Classlist        A list of classes within Aetolia.
   8.6  Guild            What is a guild?
      8.6.1  Novices        The youngest members of a guild.
      8.6.2  Probation      Guild probation and its effects.
      8.6.3  GuildTell      Speak to your guild members who are on-line.
      8.6.4  GuildNews      The purpose of guild-specific news sections.
      8.6.5  GuildLogs      A record of all important guild activity.
      8.6.6  Guildfavour    Rewarding and punishing your guildmates.
      8.6.7  Membership     How to see the membership of your guild.
   8.7  GuildPositions   Positions held within a Guild.
      8.7.1  Guildmaster    The position of Guildmaster.
      8.7.2  Secretary      The position of Secretary.
      8.7.3  NoviceHead     The position of Head of Novices.
   8.8  GuildPatron      The position of Guild Patron.
   8.9  Consanguine      Supernatural stalkers of the night.
      8.9.1  Nightstalkers  The Proto-Vampires.
      8.9.2  Sapivi         The Sapivi Specialization.
      8.9.3  Insidiae       The Insidiae Specialization.
      8.9.4  Phreneses      The Phreneses Specialization.
      8.9.5  Rituos         The Rituos Path
      8.9.6  Puros          The Puros Path
   8.10 UndeadHouses     Who says vampires can't have a guild?
      8.10.1 HouseLeaders   The position of House Leader.
   8.11 LiaisonReports   Liaisons suggest skill changes to the Gods.