WEATHER - Aetolia Online Help


Weather in Aetolia is a simple, and intuitive affair. The only          
weather-related command to know about is FORECAST, which will tell you  
about the temperature, the wind, and generally about the weather        
conditions. You will _usually_ find that all the weather in one area is 
the same. For instance, all of the Western Ithmia would have the same   
weather. Unfortunately, this does mean that when moving from one area to
another, you could immediately be in a new type of weather.             

As you spend time in Aetolia, you will encounter a number of possible   
weather-related effects. These include, but are not limited to, the     
inability to squint or glance in heavy snow, rain, or fog, finding your 
conversations drowned out in high winds, being blown about while you are
flying in high winds, being blown out of the trees in high winds, and so