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4.14.14 THE YETI

The massive ape-like form of a yeti is covered in thick fur, allowing it to
withstand the coldest climates. Thick, burly legs and arms allow it to overcome 
any obstacle of all terrains, as their hand-like feet create the extra leverage 
they need. Their race has been locked away in the frozen tundra, until Christof 
discovered their power within an ancestral stone, releasing them onto the world.

- Cold Regeneration
  Increased health regeneration while in cold weather.
- Whitesight
  Be able to see your surrounding even in blizzards.
- Frost Breath
  Can BREATHE ICE AT <player|ground|firewall> for a variety of effects.
- Blizzard
  Can summon a BLIZZARD once a day. This blizzard will follow them around.

Languages: Common, Aquan, Yeti