DEEP WOUNDS - Lusternia Online Help


Within the world of Lusternia, deep wounds may be quite unlike anything 
you'll find in other worlds. With a judicious slice, a warrior can 
inflict painful blows that can result in deep wounds. Deep wounds are damage 
so deep within your body that they cannot be cured by normal means. The 
greater your deep wounds, the more chance that the next blow against you by 
a trained warrior could have devastating effects, including broken bones, 
severed arteries, punctured lungs, and even mortal wounds or beheading.

Healing potions may be applied to body parts to cure these deep wounds (as 
opposed to drinking them). Since one can only effectively use a draught 
from a healing potion every few seconds, it is a choice whether to either 
drink the potion to heal your health or to apply the potion to cure deep 
wounds--yet another facet in the complex combat system of Lusternia.