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Announce posts: 4157-4176:
417607/24/2014 at 06:41Upcoming changes to PvE combatSarapis, the LogosEveryone
417507/23/2014 at 15:36WALK TO <denizen>Sarapis, the LogosEveryone
417407/23/2014 at 13:32Classlead changes - July 2014Tecton, the TerraformerEveryone
417307/23/2014 at 03:12Ornamental magnifying glassesTecton, the TerraformerEveryone
417207/23/2014 at 03:08Seeing denizen health and targettingSarapis, the LogosEveryone
417107/20/2014 at 16:27ClassleadsTecton, the TerraformerEveryone
417007/20/2014 at 16:18Shop taxesTecton, the TerraformerEveryone
416907/19/2014 at 15:05Classlead submissionsTecton, the TerraformerEveryone
416807/18/2014 at 01:26Globes of Shifting ContinentsTecton, the TerraformerEveryone
416707/17/2014 at 06:36Wielding changesTecton, the TerraformerEveryone
416607/16/2014 at 17:56Classleads and ACC applicationsTecton, the TerraformerEveryone
416507/16/2014 at 16:47Minor PvE AdjustmentsMortoriEveryone
416407/16/2014 at 06:16Achaea in the AtlanticSarapis, the LogosEveryone
416307/15/2014 at 02:09DragonsSarapis, the LogosEveryone
416207/12/2014 at 04:57Weapon Damage Against DenizensMortoriEveryone
416107/10/2014 at 23:20Hunting/PvE ChangesMortoriEveryone
416007/10/2014 at 19:06Relics extravaganza on Saturday!Sarapis, the LogosEveryone
415907/10/2014 at 00:21Relics can no longer be given awaySarapis, the LogosEveryone
415807/08/2014 at 17:50Curing and IDEAsTecton, the TerraformerEveryone
415707/07/2014 at 22:15HELP RELICSSarapis, the LogosEveryone