Announce news posts from Lusternia

Announce posts: 2524-2543:
25432/4/2016 at 0:41VillagesRoark LibertasEveryone
25422/3/2016 at 19:49December Vesteran HonoursEstarra the EternalEveryone
25412/2/2016 at 20:48Belt of WonderIeptix the AnomalyEveryone
25402/2/2016 at 1:00Lesson Sale and Belts of Wonder!Estarra the EternalEveryone
25392/1/2016 at 1:23Promo ExtensionEstarra the EternalEveryone
25381/25/2016 at 2:17Ascension 2016 ScheduleEstarra the EternalEveryone
25371/20/2016 at 15:25Armour and Damage UpdatesIeptix the AnomalyEveryone
25361/19/2016 at 21:13Big Changes Come to Lusternia!Ieptix the AnomalyEveryone
25351/14/2016 at 4:20Retirement UpdateIeptix the AnomalyEveryone
25341/13/2016 at 19:14New Artifacts!Estarra the EternalEveryone
25331/11/2016 at 22:48Retirement AdjustmentsIeptix the AnomalyEveryone
25321/11/2016 at 20:58Character RetirementIeptix the AnomalyEveryone
25311/4/2016 at 19:54Vesteran HonoursEstarra the EternalEveryone
25301/2/2016 at 20:03Year in Review: 2015Estarra the EternalEveryone
25291/1/2016 at 0:23Kick the Year Off with Artifacts!Estarra the EternalEveryone
252812/31/2015 at 20:03Platinum StockingsIeptix the AnomalyEveryone
252712/27/2015 at 18:17Coal and Peppermint TradingIeptix the AnomalyEveryone
252612/26/2015 at 0:29Solstice Updates!Ieptix the AnomalyEveryone
252512/24/2015 at 23:55Solstice QuestsEstarra the EternalEveryone
252412/24/2015 at 19:05Opening Solstice StockingsEstarra the EternalEveryone