Even More Token Items!

Date: 9/15/2013 at 21:32
From: Killian, Goddess of the Seas
To : Everyone
Subj: Even More Token Items!

Hey guys!

You know, I have to say, once we started making token items for the month's IRE-wide promotional sale, we really got into it. I mean, designs were sketched, spreadsheets were made, we had like... token jam sessions. A lot of coffee was consumed in the making of all this win.

Because of all that... we've MOAR ITEMS!

Without further ado, may we invite you, dear friends, to re-visit The Emporium of Extraordinary & Magnificent Wonders! There, you'll be stunned, no! Amazed! At the plethora of awesome ways we thought up for you to spend them tokenz!

We've got:
The Staff of Storms - now your wrath is powerful, and rainy no less!
The Norlander's Mug - keep any liquid warm even in the tundra
Herman's Fish Bucket - fills with octopus for your fine fishing pleasure
The Whispering Band - Someone say your name? You'll feel it, trust us.
A Weaponsmith's Etching Stone - want to name your sword the Cakeslicer?
The Explorer's Compass - suddenly be aware how much you've explored an area
Escape Claws - Never get awkwardly stuck in an estate again!
Horn of the Warlords - your challenges and victories known to all
Pendant of the Ageless - hide your age from curious eyes

As before, the sale is a tiered credit sale with Ishapian tokens given at each tier! Type CREDITSALE to see your current credits purchased and which of the cumulative rewards you've earned.

At 100 credits: 3 Ishapian token
At 300 credits: 6 Ishapian tokens
At 500 credits: 6 Ishapian tokens
At 1000 credits: 10 Ishapian tokens
At 2000 credits: 30 Ishapian tokens

We know sometimes this can be confusing, so here an example:

If you buy 500 credits, you'll receive the 500 (plus any bonus from your Iron Membership) as well as 15 (6 for 500, 6 for 300 and 3 for 100) Ishapian tokens. If you buy another 500 later, you'll receive those 500 (plus Membership Bonus) as well as 10 tokens (since 1000 is the next tier). So even just 300 credits will garner you 9 Ishapian Tokens!
They also are part of our Iron Elite Membership rewards, more info on that can be found in HELP MEMBERSHIP.

So, check all that out, HELP TOKEN SHOP also lists all the token items, old and new, and their basic premise. Have fun!

Penned by my hand on the 15th of Dzanin, in the year 50.