Further Details revolving Gralob dealings

Date: 2/5/2014 at 13:41
From: Witch-King Aidan
To : Everyone
Subj: Further Details revolving Gralob dealings

Greetings once more,

It has been brought to my attention that proper clearence was not given to Malapardis to handle proper dealings with our enemies. I say this to openly admit that communication has failed already, and this is not something we can continue to afford moving forward. I will stress again, that all planning must be done as a core group, just as we have done so in the past when dealing with Gralob. That is and what has been unique in dealing with him as previously stated, the ability to put aside personal feelings to come together to handle this situation with proper care it deserves.

Matawa has displayed the ability to throw a tantrum at any given moment, and for that this is why Sar-Sargoth refuses to allow him to lead them into battle against the Demon Lord. If I, myself desired some sort of personal glory from this, I would not have allowed myself to be constantly led by others throughout the process or give names of those we feel comfortable with leading such a group into the virtually unknown.

We do not mind that talks are happening and thoughts are being discussed, but communication to those able and willing to help must be achieved to ultimately bring down this threat to our existence. It does not make me proud to ask for aide or help, but that is the situation we are in. So, to those that are making the plans and forming ideas, it would be best to share those ideas to those who have actively been opposing Gralob since it's first sighting.

I look forward to paperwork reaching the Palaver's desks in haste. For it is needed along with communication during this process we all continue to go through. I trust, the right measures will be acheived to ensure we all are ready when the time comes to do battle.

For the People,

Witch-King Aidan

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Nuna, in the year 56.