Meeting 62

Date: 6/26/2014 at 1:47
From: Adherent Bianca, the Hedgehog
To : Everyone
Subj: Meeting 62

What was discussed during the meeting.

First, about the shift in duties from our Keeper of the Lore. He has moved over the responsibility
of novicecare to the Emissary. Although, it is better that this duty remains at the hands of
the Keeper of Lore, as he is more familiar with the lifestyle and ideals of the Eledhel, allowing
him to correctly guide the young of our city towards a good life here.

On the topic of reporting crimes: since harassment and sexual abuse has proven to be an issue, this
can be no longer ignored. There should come new laws that deal with these issues specifically, with
faster acting of officials and sterner punishments, as well as the opportunity to talk to someone
with these delicate issues.

On the topic of trade: With the current changes in the crafting systems, and the introduction of new
metals and alloys. This has to be investigated, as new prices have to be set, and it has to be seen
how high demand and supply will be.

On the topic of the Chancellor: since Vasilisa is decending from her position as chancellor, Advisor Amethyst has given her a few weeks to possibly change her mind, and to find a suitable successor.

On the topic of the protocol, and the clarity of politics in general. Currently, there are a lot of
procedures that are outdated, complex, and inconvenient. In addition to that, many people find
politics confusing and hard to understand. This doesn't have to be this way, as politics can be
easier, if nothing happens under the hood. This way people will know what the officials are doing,
progress will be easier.

New, recent things:

Applications: we found a handful of applications that never got processed. Caliah and Erigor for
Elf Friend and Vanko to remove his enemy status. And Jasha sent in an application to return to us.

Revision of old protocols:

The escorting policy: the current policy states that only elders may escort visitors. We would like
to expand this so that also ministers and perhaps even aides may do this. Another option is letting
certain members of the guard escort the lower city ranks of allied cities.

The city shop policy. The current policy is that the city shop runs on donations, and that the
leased shops are in the hands of the citizens that rent them. We may want to change this so that the
city shop mostly sells essentials.

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Staphron, in the year 62.